Paediatric Compounding

Unique Challenges of Compounding Medicine for Children

Providing medication to children has its own special challenges. Tablets are often too big to swallow, so they have to be cut or crushed to get the right dose. Sometimes the medicine just doesn’t taste good. Medication in a flavoured suspension or suppository often provides the easiest way to get the medicine in.

A Seamless Transition

At Hunter’s Pharmacy in Windsor, we can prepare most medications prescribed by a physician into a suspension or suppository. Either the parents or the child can pick a flavour or we can suggest different flavour combinations that will work with a particular medication. We are also very familiar with the medication needs of children attending hospitals in London and can provide a seamless transition for their medication(s) when they are ready to come back home.

Have Questions? Give Us a Call!

Should you have any questions about our paediatric compounding services in Windsor, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be more than happy to help!