Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
The bio-identical hormone replacement therapy through Hunter’s Pharmacy provides an opportunity to manage symptoms of hormone imbalance in both men and women in the Windsor area. Compounded hormone replacement therapy allows for a treatment plan that is truly individualized and tailored to the needs of each patient. The phrase “bio-identical” implies that the hormones used for replacement are identical to what both men and women produce naturally. The advantage to using “identical” hormones is that your body recognizes the hormone, can utilize it properly and can dispose of it when no longer needed. Call Hunter’s Pharmacy to learn more.

Saliva Testing
Hormones can be measured by saliva or blood testing. With 20 years of experience compounding hormones, we have found saliva testing provides insight into how an individual’s hormone levels correlate to their symptoms. This information is then used to determine a proper starting dose for the patient. We use this information and our experience to guide both patient and practitioner to achieve the best outcome.

Private Consultations
Hormone replacement therapy can be very individualized. Patients who present with similar symptoms often require different hormone combinations and/or strengths to successfully manage their symptoms. We provide private consultations (for a fee) with a compounding pharmacist to help optimize a patient’s hormone therapy. We discuss symptoms and family history and recommend appropriate testing, using this information to provide recommendations to your physician regarding treatment options. Together, we create a treatment plan to meet the particular needs of each patient.

Scheduling Hormone Replacement Appointments
Inevitably, every man and woman over the age of 40 will experience a gradual decline of hormones as they age. In women, this decline in hormones can cause hot flashes/night sweats, impaired sleep, weight gain, and mood swings. Men can experience a decline in libido, muscle mass, stamina and mental clarity. A substantial improvement in quality of life can be achieved by supplementing with hormones, to replace what the body no longer produces.