Veterinary Compounds


Compounding for Animals

Our team offers specialty compounded prescription medication for all animals and traditional pets, including:
Dogs and cats
Rabbits and ferrets
Birds and turtles
Gerbils and hamsters

Animals pose their own unique compounding challenges as their medication requirements and dosage forms vary considerably. With a prescription from your veterinarian, we can compound most any medication your animal may need. We flavour many of our preparations for ease of administration.

Veterinary compounding from Hunter’s Pharmacy is individualized to meet the needs the animal and the owner. We work with the owners to learn about their pet’s preferences and strive to provide a solution that is both easy for the animal to take and for the owner to administer. Similar to their human counterparts, animals can suffer from allergies and sensitivities as well as be intolerant to commercial products. Compounding can solve these problems and provide the opportunity for better health for your pet.

Pet-friendly Flavoured Medicine

Animals appreciate flavours as much as humans do. Many of the medications used by veterinarians are also used in human medicine, but need to be flavoured for pets in strengths particular to the animal. We offer a wide selection of different flavours depending on the animal and its taste preferences.

Veterinary Prescription Compounding Specialties
Topical and oral sprays
Ophthalmic medications
Sugar free preparations
Preservative free formulas
Discontinued preparations
Alternate dosage forms
Solutions and suspensions
And much more
We work together with your veterinarian to help provide the medication your pet requires.