What is Compounding?
Compounding, the blending of art and science to prepare medicine, is a central focus of the innovative practice at Hunter’s Pharmacy. Compounding involves the use of high quality ingredients and specialized knowledge to create medicine that will safely deliver the intended benefit to the patient. We have created solutions for patients of all ages, from the tiniest neonate to cherished grandparents. Our compounding staff is challenged on a daily basis to formulate unique medications or dosage forms to help ease the pain, heal a wound or manage a medical condition. Compounding supports the notion of individualized medicine, an opportunity to tailor medication to suit the unique needs of the patient, and provide a customized solution that is safe and effective.

Why Choose Compounded Medicine?

A compounded medication is integral to the concept of individualized medicine. Often patients have unique circumstances such as allergies or sensitivities that make commercial medications less effective or hard to tolerate. In other instances, medications are discontinued leaving the patient to seek alternate treatments that may not work as well. Compounded medications provide a means to put patients’ needs first and formulate a medication that will be compatible with their unique circumstances. At Hunter’s Pharmacy, we believe in and promote the concept of individualized medicine as a means of delivering effective pharmaceutical care.

Compounding Opportunities

Compounding provides a unique way of addressing and managing both acute and chronic conditions. Consider the short list of compounds and conditions we have provided solutions for:

Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women
Topical anesthetics for skin and dental procedures
Unique formulations for children with autism
Vitamin C infusions
Ophthalmic preparations for severe dry eyes or corneal edema
Formulations for fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis
Treatments for erectile dysfunction
Topical pain treatments, for open wounds and joint pain
Paediatric Suppositories