About us


Hunter’s Pharmacy – A Patient-Focused, Creative and Innovative Practice

Hunters Pharmacy is proud to service the greater Windsor area. We are very proud to serve and support our local community! Hunters Pharmacy serves a wide variety of healthcare needs for the people of the local community.
Hunter’s Pharmacy is proud to offer several pharmaceutical services to our Windsor customers. If you have questions about our customized services, please give us a call or visit our location on Tecumseh Road.

Services we offer:

– Bio-identical hormone consultations
– Saliva testing for adrenals
– Saliva testing for sex hormones
– Full prescription service
– Juzo compression stockings (certified fitter on staff)
– Medication reviews

Compounded Products
– Medicated lozenges/lollipops
– Topical and oral sprays
– Creams, lotions and gels
– Slow release capsules
– Ophthalmic medications
– Preservative free formulations
– Allergen free formulations
– Hospice formulations
– Pediatric flavoured suspensions or suppositories
– Discontinued medications
– Unique formulations for autism
– Paediatric Suppositories